Chapter 2

This week, I have been teaching the children a bit more local history in the form of local folk tales.

Despite lack of documentation from the Dark Ages, we do know that Medogan, or Medhogyon in it’s orginal Cornish, was founded after the Romans left Britain in around 400AD. The site held much religious significance for the pre-Romano-British and legend has it that an old bloodline came back to re-occupy the area once the Romans left. This bloodline was said to be decscended of Maponos, a pagan diety associated with youth and the waters of a healing spring.

Here is a simple tale that is said to date from this period. In fact, some scholars believe the tale actually pre-dates the Roman conquest of Britain:

“It was said that Maponos had a daughter whom he never named. She was rebelious and easily distracted.

The rebelious daughter was told to procure a fish from a dark haired lady at auction, although the key to which would only be known after a visit to the market.

However, being rebelious the daughter got distracted from her task by a vision or image she saw at the auction. This led her to a place where a sturdy boat was once used to rescue lost mermaids. It is there that she heard a disembodied voice telling her of the weather at sea.

At the place of this sturdy boat she had a strange sense that she could finally understand time and at a different place it would flash around her after gazing upon distant objects. This troubled the rebelious daughter as she perceived this to be an omen of calamitous events yet to come.

These events scared the rebelious daughter as she was not accostomed to seeing visions. She therefore sought the comfort of her father and completed the task set for her. The visions and voices never stopped and no one would ever believe she could see and hear these things. She took to becoming a storyteller as the people of the town would listen to her tales in this form. It is said spent the rest of her days living on a boat, moored near the beach, and told her stories at auctions of all kinds. Some say these were auctions that took place in no physical realm.”

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